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Water Conservation Notice

On July 3, 2015, the Province of BC declared a Level 4 Drought which is the most extreme condition. Attached is a Water Conservation Notice from the CRD for all water users.

Conserve Our Fresh Water Supply Especially in Summer


Water Conservation

With climate change no longer a debatable question, water conservation and the health of our water systems has never been so obvious or paramount.

On Salt Spring, we are in year 7 of our drought -- a fact that many islanders are still unaware of. We're perpetually at risk of shortages of clean, healthy water to drink, to cook and to bath with simply because we are an island.

Despite this fact, the health of Cusheon Lake continues to be compromised by at least, a simple lack of information, and at worst carelessness.

We hope that this website clears up any confusions while also providing some very useful, imperative and easy to do tips.


Tips & Suggestions


  • Drain your hot tub into a bathtub instead of onto the ground and into the lake.
  • Redirect rain gutters and downspouts to soil and plants in your garden
  • Avoid Over-watering Lawns and Gardens
  • Composting reduces your garden's need for fertilizer and helps soil to retain moisture.
  • Use trickle or drip irrigation or soaker hoses for a 20% gain in efficiency.
  • Limit watering your lawn much during the summer – it will go brown but will spring back to life during the fall/autumn
  • Install an inexpensive plastic water collection tank for gutters to drain into
  • Cut your grass higher to increase water absorption and to reduce run-off



The Bathroom:

Economize your water use in the shower& bath

  • Install water reduction attachments to all showers and bathroom faucets
  • Shower/bathe with a friend
  • Limit your showers to ten minutes
  • Only fill your tub 1/4 full

Toilets & Sinks

  • Turn the tap on when you need to wet your brush and off when you brush your teeth
  • Flush the toilet only when necessary – if its yellow let it mellow!
  • Install low flow toilets or put a brick or two in the tank of the old one

The Laundry Room:

  • Only wash with a full load
  • Use phosphate free soap
  • Wash in cold water, save more energy and more money

The Kitchen:
Washing dishes by hand

  • Turn the tap half on and wash dishes with soap & water while it fills
  • Fill the basin or sink half way and use this water to soap up (with phosphate free soap) & scrub your dishes, stacking them on the side
  • Once all dishes are washed, rinse them under a half-on tap and stack them in the rack

By Dishwasher:

  • Fully load dishwasher
  • Put in biodegradable & phosphate free soap. Often you can use far less (i.e. half) of the soap you normally would as Cusheon Lake has soft water which suds up very easily
  • Use as short a cycle as you can. Saves water and energy
  • In the summer wash by hand using the above method



Did You Know?
About 75% of household water use is either flushed down the toilet or used in the shower drain. Installing water reduction attachments directly to all water faucets and taps can cut your water consumption drastically and you will hardly notice the difference in pressure.

Email us your household or garden tips to conserve water. If we use your tip on this site you could win a prize.


Tip O' Th' Month

Save more water by using a basin inside the sink that you can fill and later reuse the phosphate free soapy water to throw on your aphid covered rosebush!



Are you thirsty?

This is why we want to decrease the phosphorus loading. The Cusheon Watershed Mangement Plan recommends that the total yearly input of phosphorus should be reduced by 15% - a reduction of approx. 17 kg from the existing load of 117kg